7 Best Newsletter Plugins to Create and Send Emails in WordPress

One of the keys to success in digital marketing is to ensure that the right hand is always talking to the left. This means that if you’ve spent time building a beautiful WordPress site and regularly write high-quality content for it, you’ll want those efforts shared across other marketing platforms. Social media is one of the more obvious choices as it’s (typically) free to use and doesn’t take much effort to...

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Revamp Your WordPress Admin With These 12 Awesome Plugins

When you think about making WordPress more useful, the dashboard probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you spend a lot of time logged into /wp-admin/ but have never taken the time to customize your experience, you can almost certainly get more out of it than you’re getting right now. If you run a Multisite network, maybe your own experience is less of a concern than that...

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How To Ace Google’s Image Page Speed Recommendations With Smush

Smush has everything you need to optimize your images, as well as a handy repertoire of tools ready to help you smash PageSpeed Insights image-related recommendations. It’s a simple way to speed up your site, without sacrificing your image quality. With Smush you can: Compress images in bulk and with one click Automatically resize and rescale your images Enable lazy loading so your server can concentrate on displaying content above the fold Convert your image files...

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