Divi 5 Progress Update: Let’s Talk About Bugs!

by | Mar 2, 2024 | Digital Marketing, General News

In the latest progress update on Divi 5, the focus has been on identifying and fixing bugs to ensure a smooth release of the Public Alpha. The development team has been diligently testing Divi 5 and addressing bugs reported by Dev Beta testers. Over 200 bugs have been squashed, exceeding initial expectations. The goal is to maintain a bug-free experience throughout the Public Alpha and Beta phases.

Divi 5 is a complete re-development of the Visual Builder, offering improved speed, extendability, and a modern interface. By starting from scratch, the team has been able to eliminate numerous bugs present in Divi 4, such as the double-loading bug and issues with complex features like Copy Paste Styles. The clean slate approach has allowed for minor improvements in coding practices and architecture, resulting in a more streamlined builder.

Despite releasing Divi 5 in an unfinished state for the Public Alpha and Beta, the team is dedicated to resolving all known bugs before the initial release. Significant progress has already been made, as evidenced by the extensive list of bug fixes in the latest changelog entries.

Updates include fixes for various modules, enhancements to CSS rendering, improvements in module settings behavior, and adjustments to design elements. The team has also implemented new features like the Gallery module, Email Optin module, Layers View functionalities, Inline Rich Text Editor, and Global Colors support.

Moving forward, the team will continue to address remaining bugs and work on finalizing features for the Public Alpha release. To stay updated on the progress of Divi 5, users are encouraged to subscribe to email notifications and follow the official YouTube channel for future updates. The dedication to bug fixing and continuous improvement ensures that Divi 5 will provide a more seamless and efficient user experience.

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