Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2024

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Compilations, Digital Marketing

The article discusses a series of innovative tools for designers in February 2024. It discusses some of the recent tools that have been made available for designers. Amongst these is Notion Calendar that allows integration of Notion docs and timelines with Google Calendar with support for more calendar providers such as Outlook and iCloud still in progress. There is also MixAudio, an AI-powered music generator that can return mood-appropriate background music based on text prompts, images, or other audio inputs. Next, there’s Dealo, a platform for creating and adding pricing cards that includes simple integration with Stripe. Sheet API turns Google Sheets into REST JSON APIs, acting as a simple CMS. There is also an easy search database for expired domains, and customizable, open-source components for the Cosmic headless CMS platform with inbuilt SEO optimization. Randoma11y is a color combination generator that ensures contrast is above accessible levels and ReCraft, a tool that allows maintaining consistency across a series or creating sets for icons. TidyCal is recommended for keeping track of client meetings, and Rohesta, ‘nostalgic serif’ for display text. Arc is an updated macOS (OS12+) browser with a dedicated developer mode. BlitzBear uses AI to analyse and optimise existing site content by boosting rankings based on chosen keywords. EasyDoing is a tool for creating professional-looking invoices from natural language prompts and Audionote that summarises dictation with its handy rewrite AI feature. The article also discusses Submit JSON, a serverless form backend notification API. The content appears to suggest that these tools will help optimize a designer’s workflow and enhance their overall productivity.

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