Google Updates Video Structured Data Guidance

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Google has made updates to the structured data related to its Video features rich results in Google search. These updates include new recommendations regarding the date and time the video was published. The VideoObject structured data type is used by Google for displaying various types of rich results in Google Search, Google Discover, video search results, and Google image search results. The change was made in order to improve the accuracy of the date and time data.

Previously, Google only required the date that the video was first published. However, with the update, Google now requires the time of publication as well. This change is accomplished using the DateType structured data type. Google’s documentation has been updated to provide additional guidance on these changes.

The guidance for the date property has been updated to include the date and time of publication in ISO 8601 format. Google recommends providing timezone information, but if it is not provided, Googlebot will default to its own timezone. The guidance for the expires property has also been updated to include the date and time when the video will no longer be available, if applicable.

The consequences for not following these new recommendations are minimal, as the timezone will simply default to the one used by Googlebot. However, it is best practice to present structured data to Google as expected, as it helps with optimization. Providing Google with the information it expects is important for ensuring the intended outcome.

In conclusion, Google has made updates to the structured data related to Video features rich results, specifically regarding the date and time of publication. It is recommended to follow these updates to optimize the structured data for Google. Additional guidance can be found in Google’s video documentation.

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