How To Build A High-Converting Divi Landing Page (With Free Cyber Monday Layouts)

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Divi Resources

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy involves the use of landing pages to draw potential customers to your website from an ad and to showcase new products, services, and ideas. Effective landing pages can encourage customers to purchase something or lead them to complete an action. In a recent post, the steps to build a high-converting Divi landing page with one of the highly effective free layouts from this year’s Cyber Monday Sale were outlined.

Landing pages are specific website pages that typically include sales-driven copy and encourage visitors to purchase something, submit their user information, or sign up for a service. Unlike home pages, landing pages are designed to help businesses achieve specific business goals, such as increasing sales or building an email subscription list, without distracting visitors with competing links and other copy.

WordPress is a robust content management system that allows users to build landing pages, and theme builders like Divi function as a theme builder and landing page plugin in one. By signing up for an Elegant Themes membership, users gain access to a powerful front-end Visual Builder and Theme Builder in one, allowing them to build every aspect of their site, including headers, footers, landing pages, ecommerce pages, and more.

To build a high-converting Divi landing page, it’s important to follow best practices such as identifying the target audience, crafting simple and concise copy and images, staying true to the messaging, incorporating social media, and focusing on design. It’s also important to follow a good landing page structure, keep the copy motivating, make CTAs clear, remove navigational menus, and stay on brand.

Additionally, incorporating social proof, using compelling images, focusing on responsive design, A/B testing the landing page, and using a thank you page are all important aspects of building an effective and high-converting landing page.

Overall, landing pages are an essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy and can be built using tools and resources such as Divi, a powerful WordPress theme builder, and landing page plugin. By following best practices and incorporating key elements into the landing page, businesses can create a high-converting page that effectively drives sales and leads potential customers to take action.

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