How to Create Floating Blurb Modules with Divi

by | Jan 7, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Divi Blurb Modules, Divi Resources, Divi Tutorial

The article provides a tutorial on creating floating blurb modules and building a captivating features section for web design projects. It emphasizes using Divi’s versatile blurb module and scroll effects to transform static layouts into dynamic sections that showcase content and captivate user attention. The tutorial includes a preview of the design, instructions on using a premade layout from the Divi library, creating dynamic features using blurb modules, modifying the layout for the floating blurb modules, adding blurb modules, and enabling floating blurb modules with scroll effects. It also provides detailed steps for modifying the design, adding blurb modules, and enabling scroll effects to create the dynamic layout. The article concludes with a final result showcasing the floating blurb module section in action and provides links to additional tutorials on Divi’s blurb module. The tutorial aims to help web designers elevate their projects and add creative and interactive elements to their designs.

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