How To Create Your Google People Card

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Digital Marketing, International Search

This article discusses the importance of establishing an online presence for personal branding in today’s digital world and provides a guide on how to create a People Card on Google, which serves as a virtual business card visible in Google search results. The article outlines the three-step process of creating a People Card and includes detailed instructions and screenshots for each step.

The process involves entering the query “add me to search” in Google, which allows users to create their People Card. Users need a mobile device with internet access, a personal Google account, and Web & App Activity turned on in their account settings to create a People Card. The required fields for the People Card include name, location, about, and job, while additional information such as social media profiles can be added optionally.

The article also addresses the limitation of People Cards being available only in certain countries including India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, but provides a workaround for users located outside of these countries to set up their People Card using a VPN.

Furthermore, the article explains the purpose of People Cards and their benefits for individuals looking to establish a notable online presence. It also provides general guidelines for maintaining and updating People Cards to ensure visibility in search results.

Overall, the article serves as a practical guide for individuals looking to create a People Card on Google and offers valuable insights into the significance of personal branding in the digital age. It provides a comprehensive overview of the process, along with tips for optimizing and maintaining a People Card for maximum visibility in search results.

In summary, the article effectively addresses the importance of personal branding, provides a step-by-step guide for creating a People Card, and offers practical tips for maintaining and optimizing the card for search visibility.

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