How to Include Multiple Email Addresses in Your Divi Contact Form Module

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Divi Contact Form Module, Divi modules, Divi Resources, Divi Tutorial

This article provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to include multiple email addresses in your Divi contact form module. The tutorial outlines the steps to not only include multiple email addresses but also to add and customize the design of a contact form to match the design of your website.

The article begins by highlighting the need to have the Divi Theme installed and activated, as well as having the latest version of Divi on your website. Once these requirements are met, the tutorial walks the reader through the process of creating a new page with a premade layout from the Divi library, specifically using the Therapy Landing Page layout from the Therapy Layout Pack.

The next step involves modifying the layout for the contact form module, which includes adding a background, setting padding and rounded corners, and adding heading text. The tutorial then delves into the process of adding and customizing the contact form module, featuring steps to enable spam protection, customize the design of the fields, button, and border settings, and finally, include multiple email addresses in the contact form module.

The final result is a detailed and visually appealing contact form that is fully designed and functional, with the ability to send submissions to multiple email addresses. The article concludes by emphasizing the convenience and ease of implementing this feature using Divi’s contact form module and encourages readers to share their own experiences customizing their website’s contact form.

Overall, the article serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their website’s contact form functionality and design using Divi. By providing a step-by-step tutorial and highlighting the benefits of including multiple email addresses in the contact form module, the article effectively guides readers through the process while showcasing the versatility and capabilities of Divi’s features.

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