How To Upscale Images with AI (2024 Guide)

by | Mar 17, 2024 | ai tools, Business, Digital Marketing, How To Upscale Images, Image Upscalers, Product Guides

The article discusses AI image upscalers, such as Gigapixel, as a reliable and efficient way to enhance image quality by increasing resolution while preserving natural aesthetics. It introduces Gigapixel AI, a powerful upscaler developed by Topaz Labs, which can increase image quality by up to 600% without compromising on sharpness.

The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to upscale images using Gigapixel AI. It starts with downloading and installing the software, then explains the various settings and tools available in the interface. The article also includes examples of upscaled images using different AI models offered by Gigapixel, such as Standard V1 & V2, High Fidelity, Art/CG, Low Resolution, Lines, and Very Compressed.

Furthermore, the article highlights the limitations of using AI image upscalers, such as a potential loss of quality and an exaggerated look, especially when upscaling low-quality images. It emphasizes the importance of using quality images to achieve the best results when upscaling with AI.

In conclusion, the article provides insights into the benefits of upscaling images with AI, specifically through Gigapixel. It suggests experimenting with different settings and AI models to achieve optimal results and discusses the necessity of image upscaling for enhancing detail and sharpness, especially for high-resolution screens or larger prints. Additionally, the article includes a FAQ section answering common queries related to using Gigapixel AI in workflows and upgrading to the latest version.

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