How to Use .webp Images on Websites (Complete Guide)

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Digital Marketing

WebP is an image format developed by Google around five years ago. It is a popular format among web designers and developers as it offers ways to minimize and optimize image sizes. The key features of WebP include a file extension of .webp, support for both lossy and lossless compression techniques, and the ability to compress images to be smaller compared to other formats. WebP also supports lossless transparency and animation, potentially replacing animated GIF files.

Several experiments were conducted to determine the reduction in file size when converting images from various formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF) to WebP. The results showed that JPEG images reduced from 165kb to 70kb, and PNG images dropped from 587kb to 112kb when converted to WebP format. The reduction in file size was significant without any noticeable difference in image clarity and resolution.

To convert images to WebP, there are several tools available. WebPonize is a simple and quick method for Mac users. Webpconv is a must-have tool for Windows users. Command line tools cwebp and dwebp are also available for more hands-on conversion. For those who prefer online tools, there are various options available. Additionally, there is a Photoshop plugin for saving images directly in WebP format.

WebP format is supported by browsers such as Chrome and Opera, but not fully supported by Firefox and Safari. However, a workaround is available through the WebPJS JavaScript library. To provide fallback options for browsers that do not support WebP, it is recommended to revert to traditional formats like JPG or PNG.

Previewing WebP images may require specialized tools depending on the operating system. For Mac users, WebPQuickLook provides the capability to preview WebP images using the Quick Look feature. Windows users can use WebPCodec, which provides thumbnail previews of WebP images within the File Explorer.

Overall, WebP is a format worth considering for web designers and developers due to its ability to reduce image sizes without sacrificing quality. There are several tools and resources available to aid in the conversion and use of WebP images.

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