Influencer-Founded Food and Beverage Brands: Are They Good Business?

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing

The article explores the trend of influencers and creators venturing into the food and beverage industry. The focus is on the success of Gen Z influencer Emma Chamberlain, as well as other notable influencers who have launched their own food and beverage products.

The article highlights the success of various influencer-founded food and beverage companies, such as Prime, Logan Paul’s energy drink, Feastables, Chamberlain Coffee, and the D’Amelio family’s snacks. These companies have achieved considerable sales figures, with Prime exceeding $1.2 billion in annual sales and Chamberlain Coffee making approximately $6 million annually.

The article delves into why influencers are flocking to the food and beverage industry, citing the lucrative nature of the industry, the relatively low entry barrier, and the existing marketing advantages that influencers bring to the table. It also emphasizes the declining loyalty for legacy brands and the potential for influencers to capitalize on the health angle.

Furthermore, the article discusses the collaborative nature of influencer-founded food and beverage companies, noting that many influencers partner with third-party manufacturers and industry veterans to bring their products to market.

However, the article also acknowledges the challenges and potential pitfalls that influencers may face in the industry. It warns that not every influencer-founded product will succeed and highlights instances where influencers have faced challenges, including pricing disputes and issues with product quality.

In conclusion, the article provides an insightful analysis of the growing trend of influencers entering the food and beverage industry. It offers a balanced view of the potential for success as well as the potential risks and challenges that influencers may encounter in this space.

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