Introducing Wordfence CLI 3.0.1: Now With Automatic Remediation!

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Wordfence CLI, WordPress Security

Wordfence has announced the release of Wordfence CLI 3.0.1, codename “Ghost Rider,” which includes a new feature for automatic remediation. This update allows Wordfence CLI to scan and remediate thousands of sites at once, efficiently detecting and removing malware from WordPress files.

The automatic remediation feature is designed to safely remove malware from existing WordPress files by restoring them to their original contents. Unlike other server-based malware scanners that use more destructive methods of removal, Wordfence CLI’s automatic remediation is specifically designed to prevent production site issues caused by file deletion or chmod’ing.

The process of automatic remediation can be initiated using a command-line interface. For example, users can run the Wordfence CLI’s malware scan on a specific path and automatically remediate any malware found within the WordPress installation. Additionally, the CLI checks if the file containing malware exists in Wordfence’s copy of the WordPress plugins, themes, and core source code repositories. If the file is found, the original contents are restored to remove the malware.

It is important to note that it is recommended to review the scan results before deleting any files from a production system. However, if users choose to perform an automatic repair and delete any files not part of the WordPress installation, they can do so using a specific command.

This new feature in Wordfence CLI is intended to provide administrators with a powerful tool for removing malware from their systems without causing an outage. With the ability to automatically remediate infected WordPress files, operations teams can efficiently manage the security of large numbers of WordPress websites.

To access the new feature, administrators can upgrade their existing Wordfence CLI installation by following the instructions provided in the documentation. Overall, Wordfence CLI 3.0.1’s automatic remediation feature offers a valuable solution for rapidly scanning and removing malware from WordPress websites, ensuring enhanced security and protection for administrators and their systems.

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