Is Web Design a Dying Career in 2024? (The Answer Is No)

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Business, Digital Marketing

The article “Is Web Design a Dying Career in 2024? (The Answer Is No)” addresses concerns about the future of web design in light of the rise of generative AI and the advancements of website builders. Although AI can now design entire websites and write code, and website builders with drag-and-drop editors and templates allow anyone to build websites without coding, the article emphasizes that web design is far from a dying career.

The article emphasizes that web design is about creating an experience for users and taking them on a journey of discovery, which requires human designers to create successful, impactful, and memorable websites. It also highlights the constant evolution in the industry and the diverse career paths available, such as user experience design, front-end or back-end development, and motion design.

Refuting claims of a dying career, the article provides evidence of the good demand for web designers, citing Upwork’s top in-demand skills of 2023 where front-end development and web design ranked highly. Additionally, it discusses the ease of finding web design jobs on various freelance marketplaces and job search platforms and the global recognition of web design skills.

The article also provides guidance on choosing the right web design career path, emphasizing the importance of picking trending career paths, assessing skill levels and industry demand, and looking for educational paths to gain relevant skills. It also discusses the necessity of future-proofing a web design career and offers five tips to achieve this, including going beyond the basics, picking a specialization, and taking advantage of AI tools while adding a human touch to designs.

In conclusion, the article states that there has never been a better time to start a career in web design, with the advancements of AI and easy-to-use frameworks making web design more profitable and allowing for more creativity in projects. It emphasizes the continued demand for skilled and creative web designers, dispelling any notions of a dying career in 2024.

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