Kicking Off The New Year

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Digital Marketing, General News

In the article, the author provides an update on the progress of Divi 5, the new interface for Divi. The focus of the update is on speed and efficiency, with the interface now being faster, leaner, and more customizable than ever before. While the month’s update is less action-packed, the team has been hard at work toward the Divi 5 Public Alpha, with goals including deprecating the original Divi 4 interface, updating dependencies, and converting all modules slated for the Public Alpha release. Additional critical features for the Alpha phase, such as Global Colors, Presets, Dynamic Assets, Auto Saves, and Browser Backups, are currently being completed. The team is excited to be close to the end of the three-year development journey for Divi 5.

The article also highlights the latest Divi 5 changelog entries, including the addition of the Contact Form and Comments modules, completion of the Divi 5 interface transition, and various fixes and updates. Additionally, the Divi AI Image Editor has been released, allowing users to edit images using the power of AI directly within the builder.

While the team took time off for the holidays, they are now refreshed and ready to continue their work in 2024. The article encourages readers to stay tuned for more updates and to follow the team’s progress through email and on their YouTube channel. The author also notes that they will be back with another Divi 5 progress update in the next month.

Overall, the article serves as an update on the progress and developments of Divi 5, highlighting the efforts of the team, recent accomplishments, and plans for the coming months. The new interface promises to deliver a faster, more efficient, and customizable experience for users, with the team working diligently to bring the project to fruition.

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