The Best AI Video Editing Software You Should Be Using in 2024

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Software

The article discusses the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in video editing software and highlights some of the best AI tools and features available in various video editing platforms. The article begins by acknowledging the significant advancements in AI technology, particularly in video editing. It also emphasizes how AI has automated mundane tasks such as removing silence parts from videos and enhancing audio quality.

The first video editing software featured in the article is Adobe Premiere Pro, which is lauded for its built-in AI tools and features. These include text-based video editing, AI-powered audio enhancement, and scene edit detection. The article also provides information on the pricing plans for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Next, the article covers InVideo AI, which boasts a ChatGPT-style AI tool for creating, editing, and improving videos using text prompts. The software is praised for its simplicity and beginner-friendly approach to video editing. Details regarding the pricing plans for InVideo AI are also included.

The article then introduces Wondershare Filmora, which offers AI copilot editing, powerful text-based editing features, and an AI music generator, among others. Pricing options for Wondershare Filmora are outlined, including both monthly plans and one-time purchase options.

AutoPod, a video editing software specializing in long-form content and podcasts, is also featured. Its AI features, such as multi-camera editing and the JumpCut editor to remove silences from videos, are highlighted. The article includes information on AutoPod’s pricing plans, including a free trial option.

VEED, another popular video editing platform, is described as having AI-powered features such as voice dubbing, background removal, AI image generator, and more. Details about VEED’s pricing plans, including a free plan with limited features and a paid plan for unlimited access, are provided.

CapCut, known for its popularity among social media content creators, is discussed for its AI features, including the Voice Changer tool, AI Video Upscaler, and skin retouching effects. The article mentions that CapCut is free to use, making it a popular choice for many users.

Lastly, the article introduces HeyGen, which enables users to create AI avatars and generate footage based on those avatars for videos. The article mentions HeyGen’s pricing and credit system for accessing AI features.

In conclusion, the article offers insights into which AI video editing software may be best suited for certain users based on their expertise level and content creation needs. It advises readers to test the software and AI features using free trials before committing to a paid plan. Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of several AI-powered video editing tools and their features, helping readers make informed decisions about incorporating AI technology into their video editing workflows.

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