The New Divi AI Image Editor

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Theme Releases

Divi AI has introduced an advanced AI Image Editor, which allows users to modify images within the Divi Builder. This innovative tool enables users to generate new images, re-imagine existing ones, and change their styles using the power of AI. The Image Editor also offers the capability to modify specific details within an image while preserving the rest, providing a wide range of applications for designers and businesses.

One of the standout features of the Divi AI Image Editor is the ability to add new elements or modify existing ones within an image. Users can use a brush to highlight areas they want to change, and then instruct Divi AI on how to integrate those changes seamlessly into the original image. This feature allows for quick and easy adjustments to images, saving time and effort in searching for the perfect image.

Additionally, the Image Editor enables users to expand the canvas of an image, change its aspect ratio, and seamlessly fill in blank spaces. This ensures that any image can be fitted into various layout designs without compromising on quality or clarity.

Furthermore, the Image Editor allows for the modification of existing elements within an image, offering practical applications for businesses and designers. For example, users can quickly dress up individuals in images by changing their attire or modifying the background, saving the need for expensive photoshoots.

Moreover, the Divi AI Image Editor includes an Enhance feature, which allows users to send the entire image back through Divi AI for desired enhancements such as increased detail, contrast, and saturation. This enhances the overall quality of the original image, providing impressive results.

As an added bonus, the article mentions that more AI features are on the way, including an AI layout generator for designing entire layouts along with written content and imagery. Additionally, Divi AI is offering a limited-time discount, allowing users to save 40% on their purchase.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Divi AI Image Editor signifies a significant advancement in image modification and design capabilities within the Divi Builder. With its array of features and practical applications, the Image Editor is a valuable tool for designers, businesses, and individuals looking to enhance their image editing process.

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