The Wordfence 2023 State of WordPress Security Report

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Digital Marketing, General Security, Vulnerabilities, WordPress Security

The article discusses the use of cookies on a website and provides an overview of the different categories of cookies used. The first category mentioned is “Strictly Necessary” cookies, which are essential for the proper functioning of the website and its services. These cookies include authentication and authorization cookies and are crucial for the site to work effectively. It is highlighted that cookies in this category cannot be disabled as they are necessary for the site to function.

The second category is “Performance/Analytical” cookies, which are used to collect information about how users navigate the website or use the services on their device. These cookies help the website understand which areas are being utilized and provide insights on how to improve them. The article indicates that these cookies can be configured based on user preferences.

The third category is “Targeting” cookies, which are used to deliver relevant information related to the services to a specific device, rather than an identifiable person. These cookies may be operated by third parties with the website’s permission and are used to identify advertising sources that effectively drive customers to the website.

The article concludes with options for users to either dismiss or save their cookie preferences. Users are given the opportunity to configure their cookie settings based on the categories outlined in the article.

In summary, the article provides a detailed overview of the different categories of cookies used on the website, emphasizing the necessity of “Strictly Necessary” cookies for the site’s functioning and offering insights into the purpose of “Performance/Analytical” and “Targeting” cookies. It also highlights the ability for users to configure their cookie preferences based on the categories presented.

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