Using AI to Streamline Divi Website Development

by | Dec 3, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Divi Resources

Through this article, Divi is promoting its Cyber Monday deals and highlighting the benefits of using Divi AI to streamline web development. The Cyber Monday sale offers significant discounts on various Divi products, including a 44% discount on Divi AI subscriptions. Divi AI is described as a powerful AI assistant that enhances website creation by offering AI generators for text, images, and code.

Divi Text AI can quickly generate website copy, while Divi Image AI eliminates the need for stock image searches and complex image editing. Divi Code AI can write code and generate custom CSS within the Visual Builder. Divi AI is said to be uniquely effective for streamlining the website creation process, as it offers one-click AI content generation, is accessible within the Visual Builder and Divi Modules, and generates content in the appropriate context.

The article also offers 15 time-saving tips to streamline website development with Divi AI, such as using premade layouts and adding a site title and tagline to help AI understand the website’s context. The tips provide practical examples of how Divi AI can save time and effort in website development.

Overall, the article effectively showcases the benefits of using Divi AI for website development and encourages readers to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals to secure discounts on Divi AI subscriptions and other Divi products. It emphasizes the convenience and effectiveness of Divi AI in streamlining the website creation process and highlights the practical tips for utilizing the AI features to save time and effort in web development.

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