What Is Kerning in Typography? + Tips & Examples

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Typography

The article “What Is Kerning in Typography? + Tips & Examples” delves into the critical role kerning plays in creating visually appealing and readable text. Kerning, the fine-tuning of space between individual letter pairs, differs from tracking, as it targets specific pairs of letters to ensure consistent and harmonious spacing throughout the text. Proper kerning is crucial for headlines, logos, and other large display text to avoid awkward gaps or tight spaces that can disrupt the flow of reading.

The article offers practical tips and examples on how to effectively implement kerning in various mediums such as logos, movie posters, web headings, advertising copy, and artistic typography. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the typeface, starting with default kerning, and focusing on creating visual balance while cautioning against excessive kerning. Additionally, the article advises on seeking external feedback, testing kerned text on various backgrounds and colors, and trusting visual judgment in the kerning process.

By applying the tips outlined in the article and studying examples from various mediums, designers can develop a keen eye for kerning and use it to enhance the readability and visual appeal of their text. The article concludes by highlighting how kerning is a subtle art that significantly impacts the effectiveness and aesthetics of typographic work. It emphasizes that good typography is not just about choosing the right words, but also about presenting them in the most visually compelling way possible.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive understanding of kerning in typography, along with practical guidance and examples to help designers make informed kerning decisions and enhance the visual appeal and readability of their text.

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