10 Top Tips To Improve Your Website Speed

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Sponsored Posts, Technical SEO

Optimizing the loading speed of your website is crucial for providing a good user experience and for ranking high in Google search results. This article, sponsored by DebugBear, provides 10 tips for improving your website speed, focusing on Core Web Vitals metrics introduced by Google.

The first tip is to use Google Search Console to check if page speed is impacting your SEO. The console provides a high-level Core Web Vitals report to identify pages on your website that need optimization for speed. Additionally, running a free page speed test can help identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations.

Another tip is to watch your website render frame by frame using network throttling in Chrome DevTools. This allows you to see how your website loads on a slower connection and understand the loading process during optimization efforts.

The article advises focusing on Core Web Vitals instead of Lighthouse scores, as real user data impacts rankings more than the Lighthouse Performance score. Additionally, optimizing render-blocking resources, improving server response time, and reducing the number of render-blocking requests are important for enhancing page speed.

Loading images with the right priority, minimizing page weight, and understanding network request chains are also highlighted as essential strategies for improving page speed.

Finally, the article emphasizes the importance of reducing the size of image files and utilizing modern image formats like WebP or Avif. It also recommends using HTTP compression algorithms like Brotli for reducing the size of text files.

In conclusion, this article provides comprehensive strategies for optimizing page speed and improving Core Web Vitals metrics. By following these tips, website owners can ensure that their websites provide a fast and efficient user experience while also ranking well in search engine results.

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