2 New Features Spotted in The SERPs

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Digital Marketing, SEO

The article discusses two new features that Google has introduced on its search engine results pages (SERPs) which have major implications for website traffic and visibility. The first feature is the addition of Discussions and Forums to SERPs on a variety of keyword + reviews and best + keyword queries. These new features are appearing on key queries that are being dominated by affiliate reviews and are even showing up on some medical queries. The article provides examples of how these features are impacting different search queries and the various implications for websites aiming to gain organic visibility and traffic.

The second new feature involves a guided search experience for beginner queries. Google is now providing users with a new experience when they search for “beginners guide” in combination with complex and broad queries. For example, when users search for “beginners guide to investing,” they get a comprehensive guide that incorporates results from across the web. The article also provides examples of this new feature and discusses the implications for users and website publishers.

The article outlines several key takeaways from these new features. It notes that Google is rewarding Reddit and other forums where non-experts post and respond to one another, making the top 1-3 organic spots even more valuable. The addition of these features to SERPs also raises concerns about potential revenue loss for affiliate sites and the need for large publishers to incorporate user-generated content into their strategies to rank in the featured section of Google results.

Additionally, the article highlights the potential implications of Google’s new “beginner’s guide” feature, noting that Google is trying to keep users on its platform by providing its own learning steps. However, tracking this new feature is challenging, and the need to solve tracking for it is emphasized. The article also notes that the feature is different from the Search Generative Experience (SGE) recently announced by Google, as it is currently sourcing from the web.

In conclusion, the article provides valuable insights into the impact of Google’s new SERP features on organic visibility, website traffic, and user experience. It concludes with a call for further discussion on the potential implications of these new features.

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