6 tips to build PPC client relationships

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Advance your career, Digital Marketing, Leadership and management, PPC

The article discusses the importance of building a strong relationship with clients when running a PPC campaign. It highlights that problems often arise when there is a lack of relationship between the agency and client, hindering the success of PPC campaigns. The article emphasizes the significance of a collaborative approach and outlines six key strategies for building better relationships with PPC clients.

The first strategy is to have a thorough onboarding process, which involves understanding the client’s business, their marketing strategy, challenges in the industry, and their goals for the future. This information is essential for creating and optimizing campaigns and demonstrates a genuine interest in the client’s business.

The second strategy is to understand the client’s wants and needs from the partnership. This includes communication preferences, approval processes, and the level of detail in reports. Adjusting communication and terminology based on the client’s understanding of PPC is crucial.

Consistency in communication is the third strategy. Setting up regular check-ins and adhering to the client’s expectations for communication can build trust and comfort for both parties.

The fourth strategy is transparency. Discussing both positive and negative aspects of campaign performance, addressing mistakes, and providing solutions demonstrates openness and builds trust.

Being proactive is the fifth strategy, involving presenting new ideas and opportunities for the client’s account, showing an active commitment to helping them achieve their business goals.

The final strategy is to go beyond the click, looking at the post-click experience and offering insights on how to improve the conversion process. This willingness to examine more than just the PPC campaign demonstrates a vested interest in the client’s overall success.

In conclusion, the article emphasizes that a solid agency-client relationship is based on trust and goes beyond transactional exchanges. By taking time to understand clients’ needs, maintaining open communication, and demonstrating a vested interest in their success, agencies can develop strong, productive relationships that lead to long-term wins. Approaching clients as true partners can result in greater success as challenges are faced and victories celebrated together.

The article offers valuable insights into building successful relationships with PPC clients, ultimately leading to more effective and successful PPC campaigns.

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