8 red flags to watch out for

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Leadership and management, SEO

This article highlights the importance of carefully evaluating and selecting an SEO provider, as not all SEO services are created equal. The author emphasizes the need to avoid red flags when choosing an SEO resource or partner, and provides several key warning signs to watch out for.

The first red flag mentioned is a rush to get started, where the author advises against quick, sales-driven approaches that may result in cookie-cutter or generic SEO strategies that do not align with a business’s specific goals and needs. Additionally, claims that SEO is easy should be carefully scrutinized, as the author stresses the complexity and multi-faceted nature of effective SEO strategies.

Additionally, the article warns against being drawn in by low-price leaders, and instead, encourages businesses to fully understand the potential return on investment and risk tolerance associated with their SEO investment. The lack of a clear strategy is also highlighted as a red flag, with the author cautioning against falling into the trap of checklist SEO that fails to deliver expected results.

Transparency and a lack of a siloed approach are also important factors to consider when selecting an SEO partner, as the author emphasizes the necessity of clear communication, collaboration, and a holistic, problem-solving mindset in effective SEO strategies. Furthermore, the article advises against choosing a full-service agency that lacks subject matter expertise in SEO, and warns against a “set it and forget it” approach that does not prioritize ongoing, tactical implementation and monitoring.

Ultimately, the author advocates for finding an SEO partner rather than just a vendor, and emphasizes the importance of thoroughly understanding what is being purchased, as not all SEO practitioners are alike. The article serves as a valuable guide for businesses looking to navigate the complex landscape of selecting an SEO provider, and urges careful consideration of the warning signs and red flags associated with subpar SEO services.

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