9 Email Header Examples For Inspiration

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Email Examples

The article discusses the importance of not overlooking the email header in email marketing. It distinguishes between technical and design-based headers, highlighting the technical header’s role in combating scams and phishing attempts and its importance in configuring headers for deliverability and trust.

The author goes on to share nine examples of email headers from different brands and analyzes why they work well. Examples include Evernote, Mango, Readwise, The University of Warwick, Proofpoint, Tarte, Search Engine Journal, Glassdoor, and Meltwater. Each example is accompanied by an explanation of the design elements and technical details that make the header effective.

The article emphasizes the need for a balance between design and technical aspects in creating email headers that drive action. It suggests experimenting with different styles, fonts, colors, and layouts to find what works best with your audience. The importance of testing different variations, tracking results, and continuously improving the email design and header strategy is also highlighted.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the best email headers, offering insights into how these examples can inspire and inform your own email marketing efforts.

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