Cancellation Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Email Examples

Cancellation emails are a crucial tool in maintaining customer relationships, even after a subscriber has decided to cancel their subscription. These emails have the potential to turn a churned subscriber into a retained customer, or at the very least, leave a positive impression on the customer.

In a recent experience shared in the article, a subscriber canceled their subscription and received a polite and understanding email from customer service. While the discount offered was not enough to bring the subscriber back, it did leave a positive impression and improved the subscriber’s perception of the company. This highlights the importance of a well-crafted cancellation email in maintaining a positive relationship with customers.

The article goes on to explore fifteen examples of well-done cancellation emails, including companies like Zero Bounce, Niceboard, RecurPost, and more. These examples showcase the different strategies used to create effective cancellation emails, such as offering discounts, providing clear information, and encouraging feedback.

Key components of a successful cancellation email include confirmation of the cancellation, details about refunds (if applicable), a genuine message expressing regret about the cancellation, highlighting the features that will be lost, and providing a resubscribe or renew call-to-action.

Additionally, bonus elements such as a personal approach, customer reviews, quick links to contact, and a feedback request can further enhance the effectiveness of a cancellation email. A template for a cancellation email is provided in the article, along with tips on how to write a successful email.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of saying goodbye to customers in the right way with a well-crafted cancellation email. By leveraging this communication tool effectively, businesses can leave a positive impression on customers and potentially even win them back in the future.

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