Expert Paid Media Tips Backed By $150M In Ad Spend

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Paid Media, Webinar

In the digital age, customer acquisition can be a major challenge for businesses. To address this issue, it is crucial for companies to allocate their advertising budget effectively. A recent on-demand webinar focuses on optimizing for lower customer acquisition costs and pipeline growth, providing a unique methodology that has proven successful for numerous SaaS brands.

The webinar features case studies supported by real data from over $150 million in SaaS ad spend per year, showcasing strategies for driving significant revenue at a lower cost. One key aspect highlighted in the webinar is the importance of leveraging first-party data rather than third-party data for success. Additionally, the webinar provides insights into comparing channel-level performance using the Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC) formula, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about their ad spend.

Another crucial aspect covered in the webinar is the strategies for growing pipeline revenue through identifying and emotionally connecting with the ideal customer persona at the target accounts. This approach not only keeps the sales team busy but also resonates with the CFO by driving revenue.

The webinar is led by Garrett Mehrguth, co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Directive, who explores the use of financial modeling using LTV:CAC formulas across various channels to better allocate the budget. This method is designed to appeal to CFOs, demonstrating a strategic and analytical approach to advertising budget management.

The webinar offers expert tips and proven strategies for achieving growth goals in the upcoming year. Additionally, the full webinar provides in-depth details, while the accompanying slides offer a visual representation of the key concepts discussed.

In conclusion, the on-demand webinar presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to gain insights into optimizing their ad spend for lower customer acquisition costs and increased pipeline growth. By focusing on data-driven strategies and leveraging first-party data, companies can make informed decisions about their advertising budget, ultimately driving revenue and achieving their growth objectives.

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