Google Gives Cookie Reprieve To Select Sites Through New Trials

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Digital Marketing, News, Web Dev SEO

The article discusses Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookie access in its Chrome browser by 2024. However, the company is also offering a limited deprecation trial for websites experiencing functionality issues as a result of this change.

During the trial period, some third-party services will be granted temporary cookie access to alleviate any negative impact on their functionality. This move aims to provide a smoother transition for both website operators and third-party service providers as Google works towards fully restricting third-party cookies.

The article emphasizes the importance for businesses to conduct a thorough audit of their site’s cookie usage to proactively address any potential issues before more users are impacted. By understanding how their site relies on third-party cookies and identifying any areas of concern, businesses can take steps to mitigate the impact of Google’s phasing out of these cookies.

Overall, the article highlights the impact of Google’s decision to restrict third-party cookies in Chrome and the steps being taken to address any resulting functionality issues for websites. It serves as a reminder for businesses to assess their cookie usage and prepare for the upcoming changes to ensure a seamless user experience.

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