How product scoring can boost your Shopping campaigns

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google Shopping ads, PPC

In this article, the importance of product scoring for PPC advertisers running Google Shopping ads is highlighted. Traditionally, advertisers have used a brand, margin, or category-based structure for their campaigns, but this can make it difficult to focus on individual products, especially when managing large inventories. However, delving into SKU-level details is necessary to uncover hidden potential and address wasted budget. Product scoring involves assigning numerical values to products based on various performance indicators, allowing advertisers to systematically choose which products to emphasize in marketing and sales efforts.

The article outlines several metrics that play pivotal roles in product scoring, including sales velocity, customer insights, profit margins, conversion rates, market trends, and inventory turnover. It also recommends extending product scoring models with additional metrics such as add to cart, pricing information, bookmarked products, and preorder ratio. To effectively incorporate product scoring into marketing strategies, advertisers are advised to establish product scoring criteria, integrate data analytics, apply product scoring in marketing campaigns, and maintain and refine product scoring.

Challenges in implementing product scoring are also discussed, with a focus on data collection and management, selecting the right metrics, and aligning and updating product scoring frequently and reliably. Despite the challenges, the article emphasizes the rewards of leveraging product scoring for more effective campaigns, including providing a compass to guide marketing dollars, advertising campaigns, and product development. The importance of balancing the focus between high and low scorers is highlighted, as targeted efforts can sometimes turn lower-scoring products around. Additionally, leveraging technology and automation for data processing and scoring is recommended to reduce human error and increase efficiency.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive guide for PPC advertisers on implementing product scoring in their Google Shopping ads campaigns. It covers the essential steps and considerations for integrating product scoring into marketing activities, as well as the challenges and best practices for maximum effectiveness.

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