How to do Instagram lead generation

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Instagram, PPC

Instagram has become an essential platform for lead generation, with many advertising options available to businesses. This article provides a comprehensive guide to generating leads through Instagram, discussing organic, boosting, and ad-based methods of lead generation.

Organic lead generation is a non-paid method of developing content on Instagram. While it has limitations in terms of reach and targeting, there are strategies that can be utilized to maximize interest and potential leads, such as switching to a business profile, optimizing profile information, using Instagram stories, and engaging with the audience.

Boosting posts offers better reach than organic methods and provides a simplified process for promoting content. By selecting particularly engaging Instagram posts and utilizing the ‘Boost post’ button, advertisers can target their audience and encourage specific actions, such as visiting a website or sending inbound messages via Instagram DM.

For more advanced and highly customizable lead generation, Ads Manager is the go-to tool for creating campaigns fully optimized for lead generation on Instagram. This involves a nine-step process that begins with selecting the objective of the campaign, such as leads. Ads Manager offers various methods for generating leads, including instant forms, chats, and calls.

Instant forms on Ads Manager enable advertisers to create contact forms within Instagram, allowing potential leads to fill them out directly without leaving the experience. Additionally, chats (Messenger and Instagram) allow audiences to start a DM conversation with the advertiser’s account, while calls can be initiated with a tap or click.

The Ads Manager also provides options for setting budget, schedule, and targeting for ad sets, allowing advertisers to control how much to spend and over what duration. Targeting options include locations, interests, and demographics, offering flexibility in reaching the desired audience.

In conclusion, Instagram offers multiple avenues for lead generation, including organic, boosting, and ad-based methods. Each method has its advantages and limitations, making it essential for businesses to understand the different techniques and decide which approach works best for their specific needs. With the right strategies and tools, Instagram can be a powerful platform for generating leads and expanding a business’s customer base.

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