How to reach new audiences with multi-platform search advertising

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing, PPC

The article discusses how the search advertising landscape is evolving beyond the dominance of Google and Bing. Alternative platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram are emerging as promising opportunities for advertisers to expand their reach and connect with engaged users actively seeking products, inspiration, and information.

TikTok, though primarily known as a social media platform, is gaining traction as a search engine, particularly for ecommerce brands through TikTok Shop. The platform’s personalized content experience, user-generated content, and a search volume tool called TikTok Keyword Insights are driving its growth as a search platform.

Pinterest, a social and search platform, offers keyword targeting options similar to Google Ads, allowing advertisers to reach users seeking inspiration. YouTube, the second-largest search engine after Google, is ideal for influencing user purchasing decisions through targeted ads based on interests, demographics, and keywords.

Reddit, known for its engaged communities and user-generated content, offers opportunities for advertisers to reach a niche audience through targeted communities and keyword-based targeting. Instagram, positioning itself as a search engine alternative, allows advertisers to optimize organic posts for better search visibility and run effective ad campaigns targeting specific audiences.

The article emphasizes the importance of incorporating these alternative search platforms into PPC strategies to engage users at different touchpoints in their purchasing journey. Tools like KeywordTool and Glimpse can provide insights into search volumes and trends across platforms, helping businesses tailor their creatives to each environment and launch activities with a test budget. By expanding search advertising across multiple platforms, businesses can enhance brand awareness, boost engagement, and capture more demand for their products or services.

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