How to Use the P.S. in Email

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

The P.S., a copywriting tactic that originated in standard direct mail copy, has now found its way into email marketing copy. With the right approach, companies can effectively use two paragraphs, a few links, and a P.S. to communicate their message, create urgency, and drive conversions. The P.S. is a sentence or paragraph added after the main body and signature of a letter or other body of writing and can be a powerful tool in sales and marketing for lead generation, customer engagement, and product purchasing.

To effectively use the P.S. in email marketing, companies should consider several strategies. One approach involves asking what is first, last, and unusual in the copy. The first is the headline, while the final thought is the P.S. There is no “right” way to write a P.S., but it’s important to be consistent in style. Six ways to use the P.S. include hooking recipients with compelling copy and a link, making a final plea for a donation, creating urgency, personalizing the P.S., providing bonus information or a new offer, and sharing a testimonial. Examples of effective P.S. statements in email are also provided in the article, along with tips for each strategy.

It’s essential to find a balance in using the P.S., as postscripts that are too long and involved lose their impact, while those that are too short and generic are easy for users to ignore. A balance can be achieved by understanding the message, audience, and recognizing that less is often more when it comes to the postscript. Ultimately, the P.S. can be a valuable tool when used effectively in email marketing.

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