I Asked ChatGPT to Write 3 Different Marketing Job Application Emails — Here’s What I Got

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Email Examples

The article begins with the author reflecting on their luck in securing two exciting marketing roles and admitting to their role in capturing the interest of hiring managers in order to stand out from other applicants. The main topic of the article is the challenge of writing job application emails that make a powerful impression on hiring managers. The author describes an experiment where they used ChatGPT, an AI-based language model, to generate job application emails for a Content Strategist position. The goal was to determine whether ChatGPT could craft compelling and personalized job application emails, given specific prompts and requirements.

The article details three attempts of using ChatGPT to generate job application emails, along with assessments of the outputs. A common issue highlighted is that the AI-generated emails lack the required level of personalization and an appropriate tone of voice. The author then provides their own job application email, following specific guidelines for making it stand out, including using a personalized salutation, being concise and relevant, and creating a friendly but professional tone. It is emphasized that the human-authored email outperformed the AI-generated versions in terms of personalization and readability.

The author concludes the article with a comparison between human and AI-generated job application emails, acknowledging that while AI can be helpful in generating the first draft and providing a structured basis, it lacks the necessary personalization and unique touch that is essential in job application emails. The article advises utilizing AI for inspiration but highlights the importance of dedicating time to write a truly genuine, human message to stand out. Additionally, the article encourages readers to have fun with experimenting. Overall, the article gives insight into the limitations of AI-generated job application emails and makes a case for the continued importance of human creativity and personalization in the job application process.

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