Microsoft’s New AI Tools Let Anyone Create Retail Media Content

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, News

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for the Retail Media Creative Studio, a platform specifically designed to aid retailers in creating digital advertising content. The platform, which integrates with Microsoft’s existing retail media platform PromoteIQ, is scheduled for a preview release in early 2024. Leveraging generative AI, the Retail Media Creative Studio aims to simplify and accelerate the ad creation process, offering features such as custom banner ad creation, AI-driven content generation, and tools for adhering to retailers’ branding guidelines. The platform also aims to streamline the approval process, allowing for quicker campaign rollouts and improved team collaboration. Additionally, Microsoft is piloting an in-store media integration through a partnership with Vibenomics to provide a comprehensive view of consumer behavior across both digital and physical retail environments. The Retail Media Creative Studio seeks to address the unique challenges of retail advertising and is expected to have a significant impact as the retail media industry is projected to grow to a $100 billion industry by 2026. Microsoft continues to adapt its retail media offerings to meet the changing market demands, and interested parties can refer to the Microsoft Advertising PromoteIQ platform or explore Microsoft Advertising’s retail solutions offerings for more information or partnership inquiries.

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