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by | Feb 8, 2024 | Digital Marketing, SEO

This article breaks down the common misconceptions about SEO and outlines how it supports brand growth, sales, and leads. The author emphasizes that simply understanding the fundamental concepts of search engine optimization can have a significant impact on a brand’s success.

The article begins by discussing how brands grow, focusing on the need to acquire new and “light” category buyers. The terms “mental availability” and “physical availability” are introduced as key factors in expanding the brand’s customer base. The importance of SEO in achieving these objectives is emphasized.

The author highlights the disconnect between some SEO professionals and marketing principles, shedding light on a widely shared tweet that undervalued branding and website quality. The article stresses that trust and brand recognition play a critical role in the purchasing process.

The article then delves into a detailed breakdown of the stages of the buying process, explaining how SEO can influence each stage. The concepts of mental and physical availability are further explored in the context of the search and exploration stages, with a focus on how advertising, organic search, and brand recognition all contribute to consumer decision-making.

The final section of the article highlights how SEO supports brand growth by targeting new and light category buyers. The author contrasts paid search’s focus on efficiency with organic search’s emphasis on marketing effectiveness. The article provides data from Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of organic search listings. The author also addresses commonly held concerns about the ROI of SEO, emphasizing the importance of justifying the investment in organic search to reach potential customers effectively.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the role of SEO in brand growth and sales acquisition. It offers compelling arguments for businesses to invest in SEO as a means of reaching and acquiring new customers, ultimately positioning organic search as a powerful tool for business growth.

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