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by | Dec 11, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, WordPress

The Astra Starter Templates by Brainstorm Force recently announced the integration of the ZipWP AI website builder, which has over one million active installations. This new integration allows users to create entire websites, including content and images, with ease. With over 280 customizable website templates, the Astra Starter Templates is one of the most popular templates globally, helping users quickly create professional-looking websites.

While creating websites with templates and page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder still required a modest learning curve, the integration of ZipWP into the WPAstra Starter Templates solves that problem, bringing the simplicity of closed-source web design to the open-source WordPress ecosystem. ZipWP is a website builder that uses artificial intelligence to help users rapidly create functional WordPress websites without the need for coding or technical knowledge. The standalone version of ZipWP handles everything from installation and design to creating content for fully-configured websites, including the images. ZipWP claims that its AI can create an entire website in just sixty seconds.

Both the standalone version and the version integrated into the WPAstra Starter Templates offer features like automated website design, website content, and drag-and-drop webpage customization, making website creation accessible to users of all technical levels. The purpose of the ZipWP functionality is not necessarily to replace web designers but also to assist agencies in scaling their web design services while retaining total control and benefiting from the open-source WordPress environment. This means that the entire WordPress ecosystem of plugins is available for customizing websites created with the ZipWP functionality. However, to take advantage of the ZipWP functionality, users will need to register for an account and choose between a free version, which allows for the creation of up to three websites per month, and a premium version, which allows for the creation of ten websites per day and other benefits for $399/year.

According to the WPAstra changelog announcement, the integration with ZipWP will require users to connect to their ZipWP account and provide their business details, after which it will generate content and images based on the specified business details. This new integration is part of the Starter Templates 3.5.2 update, which includes an all-new AI-based Template Kit library.

Overall, the integration of ZipWP into the Astra Starter Templates provides an innovative solution for quick and easy website creation, making it accessible to users of all technical levels and providing opportunities for agencies to scale their web design services within the open-source WordPress environment.

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