3 Instagram video ad tips to captivate your audience

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Instagram, Paid social, PPC

The article highlights the importance of video content on Instagram, with up to 91% of users watching videos on the platform weekly. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to capture audience attention through Instagram video ads. The article discusses key strategies for creating compelling Instagram video ads that result in favorable returns.

Firstly, the article emphasizes the importance of developing mobile-first Instagram video ads. Mobile-first ads are watched longer and have higher aided recall, as per a Meta study. Features of mobile-first ads include early brand introduction, shorter durations, and consideration for a sound-off environment. Additionally, the article suggests leveraging vertical video, closed captions, and interactivity to optimize Instagram video ads.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes the importance of authenticity in Instagram video ads. It recommends embracing a less polished, more spontaneous look and feel, which can include filming with phone cameras or adopting a vlog-style fashion. Additionally, understanding and appealing to the younger demographic on Instagram is crucial. With over 60% of users between 18 and 34, tailoring ads to match their preferences and behaviors is key.

The article underlines the importance of creativity in Instagram video ads, stating that there are no guarantees for success, but creativity still reigns supreme on the platform. It concludes by highlighting that while best practices will increase the odds of creating successful video ads, there is no replacement for creativity.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights and best practices for businesses looking to leverage Instagram video ads to capture audience engagement and drive results. By focusing on mobile-first strategies, authenticity, and creativity, businesses can create impactful and resonant Instagram video ads that cater to the preferences and behaviors of the platform’s user base.

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