6 steps to improve your Google Ads campaigns

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads, PPC

This article outlines six steps to improve the performance of a struggling Google Ads campaign. The first step is to ensure that conversion tracking is accurately set up, ensuring that it captures essential actions and provides accurate data for assessments. Checking the bid strategy is the second step, as bidding limitations may hinder the campaign’s performance. The third step involves pulling search impression share to gauge the ad’s visibility and identifying missed opportunities for better visibility.

The fourth step is to evaluate the ad group setup, ensuring that the structure aligns with ad relevance and targeting precision. Checking quality scores is the fifth step, as it reflects the overall quality and relevance of ads, keywords, and landing pages. Finally, the article recommends pulling search term reports, which lets advertisers identify irrelevant or low-converting search terms and refine targeting.

The article provides actionable tips to refine an advertiser’s PPC approach and drive better results. By ensuring accurate conversion tracking, checking bid strategies, evaluating ad group setup, reviewing quality scores, and monitoring search term reports, the article suggests a methodical approach to identify and address underlying issues within a Google Ads campaign. By optimizing based on performance data and regularly refining the campaign, advertisers can unlock the full potential of their Google Ads investment.

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