9 tips to scale low-spending campaigns

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google Ads, PPC

This article discusses the process of scaling a Google Ads lead generation account in order to turn low-spending but profitable search campaigns into sources of significant growth. The article outlines steps to determine if an account is ready to be scaled, as well as provides guidance on adjusting account settings and strategies to achieve this growth.

The article emphasizes that the process of scaling a nascent Google Ads account is more than simply increasing the budget and expecting a proportional increase in leads. Signs that an account might be ready to scale include overly profitable campaigns, low impression share, or click share, and a high-converting primary offer with other untapped offers.

The article also highlights nine levers that can be pulled to scale lead generation PPC campaigns. These levers include targeting new locations, adding new keywords, optimizing spend, building dedicated landing pages, testing landing page variations, testing form variations, qualifying leads, setting up enhanced conversions, and layering in Performance Max.

Furthermore, the article provides specific recommendations for each lever. For instance, when it comes to optimizing spend, the article suggests monitoring placements to ensure budget is being spent where it is most likely to return a profit. Additionally, when building dedicated landing pages, the article advises on creating a clear and relevant landing page that encourages visitors to convert.

The article also offers insights into landing page optimization, suggesting various best practices such as removing the header/navigation of the website, ensuring responsiveness to the device being used, and crafting clear, simple copy.

In conclusion, the article emphasizes the importance of seeing the big picture and persistence in scaling Google Ads lead generation campaigns. It acknowledges that scaling accounts is a process that takes time and effort, while also highlighting the potential rewards for those who are able to successfully navigate this process. Overall, the article serves as a practical guide for marketers looking to achieve significant growth through the scaling of their Google Ads lead generation accounts.

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