Bing Webmaster Tools gains new IndexNow Insights & top SEO insights report

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Bing, Bing SEO, Digital Marketing, SEO

Microsoft has recently updated Bing Webmaster Tools with new insights and reports aimed at improving site performance within Bing and Search in general. The new IndexNow Insights report offers actionable insights on submitted URLs to boost visibility and rankings. The report showcases top-level metrics along with detailed analysis on URLs submitted, crawled, and indexed. It also highlights URLs not discovered through IndexNow but other means, providing a comprehensive view of the indexing process.

Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, announced the updates, stating that IndexNow has reached 2.5 billion submitted URLs, an increase from 1.2 billion six months ago. Additionally, IndexNow accounts for 17% of new URLs clicked in web search results.

Moreover, a new Top SEO Insights report has been introduced, offering a curated list of the top SEO issues identified for a website. This feature helps webmasters prioritize tasks for website optimization based on content quality, indexing coverage, and the optimization of structured data and backlinks.

The updated Bing Webmaster Tools navigation now includes minor tweaks, such as the removal of the SEO section from the main section and the exclusion of Bing URL submission from the navigation if not in use.

If you have not yet implemented IndexNow, it is recommended to explore the benefits and compatibility with your website. IndexNow provides a simple ping protocol to inform search engines about content changes instantly, allowing for quicker updates in search results. Many CMS platforms and Cloudflare support IndexNow, making it easy to integrate into your website. Additionally, the new tools within Bing Webmaster Tools offer valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing website performance.

In conclusion, the updates to Bing Webmaster Tools, including the IndexNow Insights report and Top SEO Insights, aim to empower webmasters in understanding and improving their site performance within Bing and Search. By leveraging these new features, website owners can enhance their visibility, rankings, and overall SEO strategy.

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