Google Clarifies Job Posting Structured Data Guidance

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

The article discusses Google’s updated job posting structured data guidance, which is aimed at helping publishers become eligible for enhanced visibility in Google Search results through interactive job listings. The guidance also provides an overview of the process of adding, testing, and maintaining job posting structured data.

One of the key changes in the updated guidance is the emphasis on how publishers can notify Google of new job posting webpages and changes to existing pages. The previous guidance encouraged the use of the Indexing API “instead of sitemaps” to notify Google of pages that need immediate crawling. However, the updated guidance now recommends using both the Indexing API and a sitemap, while clarifying that the Indexing API is faster.

Additionally, the updated guidance removes all mentions of “pinging” Google about changes to the sitemap with a GET request. It also changes the wording from “Keep Google informed by doing one of the following actions” to “Keep Google informed of changes,” making it clearer that publishers should still use a sitemap while also recommending the use of the Indexing API for fast crawling.

Overall, the article highlights the changes in Google’s job posting structured data guidance and the importance of notifying Google of new webpages and changes to existing webpages. It emphasizes the use of both the Indexing API and a sitemap for faster crawling and provides a link to the updated Job Posting Structured Data guidance for further reference.

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