Google Enhances Search With Support For Organization Meta Data

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

In a recent update, Google has expanded its support for organization structured data markup, allowing companies to provide more detailed information about themselves in search results. This new markup will be used to showcase company details in knowledge panels and other visual elements on the search results page, making it easier for users to find essential information about organizations they are searching for.

In the past, Google allowed sites to use “logo” and “url” markup to specify the image and link for their logo in search results. Now, Google enables sites to include further information such as their name, address, contact info, and business identifiers. The existing logo structured data guidelines are being merged with the broader organization markup documentation.

The logo report in Google Search Console and tests in the Rich Results Test tool have transitioned to more comprehensive organization markup validations. The Rich Results Test tool allows testing organization markup by submitting a URL or code snippet and provides instant feedback on whether markup is implemented correctly.

Websites with existing logo markup do not need to make any changes, as Google will recognize it. However, it is encouraged to add the new organization fields if applicable, as providing additional organization details can make companies eligible to display expanded knowledge panels, such as Google’s recently launched merchant panels. For local businesses, Google recommends using both local business and organization markup, while online-only companies should utilize the “OnlineBusiness” subtype of organization markup.

These additions are aimed at making it simpler for businesses and organizations to assist users in finding accurate details in Google Search results. Additionally, it exemplifies the benefits of implementing structured data markup, even when Google does not yet utilize it for rich result enhancements. While specific markup properties may not drive visible improvements immediately, they position sites to benefit when Google’s systems gain the ability to process and display new kinds of structured data.

As Google expands its structured data capabilities, markup that was not previously supported may eventually become eligible for special search features. This update represents a significant step forward in helping companies provide comprehensive and accurate information to users through Google Search results.

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