Google Highlights Forums & Profiles With New Structured Data

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

Google has announced a significant update to its structured data support, which will impact the way online forums and personal profile pages appear in search results. The new structured data markup is designed to enhance the visibility of first-hand content from online forums and provide accurate information about content creators.

The introduction of structured data for online forums aims to improve the display of information from web forums in search results. This new markup will enable Google Search to showcase first-person perspectives from social media and online communities more accurately and comprehensively.

In addition, a new ‘ProfilePage’ structured data markup will allow Google to better identify key information about content creators, such as their name, social media handle, number of followers, profile photo, and content popularity. This feature is intended to provide accurate information about creators of first-person content in search results.

Moreover, the new ‘DiscussionForumPosting’ markup is designed for forums where users share personal perspectives and experiences. While it will assist Google Search in identifying and surfacing online discussions, it does not guarantee inclusion in specific sections of the search results.

Google has also announced the launch of a new Search Console report to monitor the use of the new structured data. This report will provide details on errors, warnings, and valid items detected on pages with markup. Additionally, Google’s Rich Results Test tool now supports testing and validating profile pages and discussion forum markup.

Structured data uses unique code to help search engines better understand website content and provide context, allowing search engines to accurately display information. By implementing structured data for discussion forums and profile pages, content creators may have improved control over how their content appears in search results.

The potential implications of Google’s announcement include improved search appearance, more visibility for individual creators, and the potential for audience growth through better identification and display of content creators and their information. While implementing this structured data is not mandatory, those who do so may enjoy improved visibility in Google search results.

In summary, Google’s latest announcement regarding structured data for online forums and profile pages demonstrates the company’s efforts to enhance the accuracy and completeness of first-hand content displayed in search results, as well as provide better visibility for content creators. This update has the potential to impact content visibility, search appearance, and audience growth for those who choose to implement structured data for their online forums and personal profile pages.

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