Google Interaction to Next Paint coming to Core Web Vitals this Tuesday

by | Mar 10, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google SEO, SEO

Google will be implementing a change to the Core Web Vital metrics on March 12, 2024, replacing First Input Delay (FID) with Interaction to Next Paint (INP) as a Core Web Vitals metric. This change aims to assess the responsiveness of webpages more accurately, enhancing user experience. INP will measure the latency of user interactions and provide a single value indicating the level of responsiveness. Google has provided examples of poor and good responsiveness to illustrate the impact of INP.

The replacement of FID with INP is not a new development and was anticipated by the SEO community. Google has been preparing users for this change, and it will officially take effect on March 12, 2024. The Google Search Console will incorporate INP into the Core Web Vitals report, enabling users to monitor their new scores and make necessary adjustments.

While many SEOs have focused on improving FID scores, the transition to INP will require a shift in focus. Google has emphasized the importance of not solely relying on these metrics but considering them as part of a broader strategy to enhance page experience. It is advised not to become overly fixated on these scores but to prioritize creating high-quality websites for users.

In light of the Core Web Vitals changes coinciding with the March 2024 core update, there may be confusion among SEOs and website owners regarding any ranking fluctuations. It is crucial to differentiate between the impact of the Core update and the Core Web Vitals metric change on site rankings. Monitoring the INP score and making necessary improvements is recommended, but it is essential to maintain a user-centric approach in website optimization.

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