Google November 2023 core update rollout is now complete

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Core update, Digital Marketing, Google, Google algorithm updates, Google SEO, SEO

In November 2023, Google rolled out its fourth core update of the year, following closely on the heels of the October 2023 core update. The November update, which began on November 2 and concluded on November 28, generated significant ranking volatility and prompted complaints from SEO professionals. The update had an immediate and substantial impact, as evidenced by early observations shared by SEOs at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Notably, the November core update coincided with the Google November 2023 reviews update, which began on November 8 and is still ongoing. Although both updates occurred simultaneously, their effects on websites were experienced at different times.

It is essential for brands, businesses, and organizations to stay informed about Google algorithm updates, as they can influence a website’s performance in search results. Any changes in rankings resulting from a core update, whether positive or negative, can affect organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. By knowing when Google implements these updates, website owners can discern whether fluctuations in traffic stem from internal changes to the site or adjustments to Google’s ranking algorithm.

If a website experiences a negative impact from a core update, Google has advised against taking specific actions to recover, noting that a rankings decline does not necessarily indicate a problem with the site’s pages. Instead, Google has provided a set of questions to consider in the event of a core update-induced setback. While some degree of recovery may occur between core updates, the most significant changes are likely to occur after another core update.

To provide context, the article also includes a timeline and coverage of recent core updates, demonstrating the implications of Google’s periodic algorithm adjustments.

In conclusion, the completion of the November 2023 core update underscores the importance of staying informed about Google algorithm updates and understanding their potential impact on website performance. With SEO professionals closely monitoring the aftermath of the latest core update, it is important for website owners to assess the effects on their organic traffic and take necessary steps to adapt to these changes.

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