Google Offers 3 Tips For Checking Technical SEO Issues

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

Google recently released a video featuring three valuable tips for using Google Search Console to diagnose and resolve technical issues that may affect a website’s indexing and ranking. The three tips offered by Google are checking if a page is indexed or indexable, verifying if a page is a duplicate or if another page serves as the canonical URL, and reviewing the rendered HTML for coding-related issues.

The first tip advises users to utilize the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console to determine if a page is indexed and indexable. The tool provides information on the last crawl date and allows users to request a crawl. Additionally, Google notes that if a page does not frequently change, Googlebot may crawl it less, which is a normal conservation of resources by both Google and the targeted web server.

The second tip focuses on checking if a page is being ignored due to duplication or if another page has been selected as the canonical URL. Google emphasizes that it is generally acceptable if another page serves as the canonical URL, as the content is still indexed and able to appear in search results. However, Google advises against using the cache or site:search operator for diagnostic purposes, as these may result in misleading outcomes.

The final tip recommends examining the rendered HTML, as it may reveal issues that are not visible in the source code. By comparing the source code HTML and the rendered HTML, website owners can identify potential issues related to JavaScript or other technical factors. Google also provides guidance on accessing the rendered HTML using the Google Search Console and Chrome DevTools.

In conclusion, Google’s video offers valuable insights for website owners and developers seeking to address technical issues that may impact search indexing and rankings. By leveraging the tools available in Google Search Console and Chrome DevTools, website owners can effectively diagnose and resolve technical issues, ultimately improving the performance and visibility of their websites in search results.

To further assist users, Google has made the video “3 tips for debugging technical problems in Google Search” available on their Google Search Central platform for additional guidance.

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