Google On How Subdomain Caused Perception Of Indexing Issue

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

In a recent Google Office Hours Q & A, John Mueller from Google addressed a question regarding a website not getting indexed. The questioner had created a website using a Core MVC framework and published it under HTTPS, but was experiencing difficulties getting the content indexed. The question asked whether the MVC framework or the HTTPS configuration could be causing the issues.

Upon reviewing the site, Mueller discovered that the MVC framework and HTTPS had nothing to do with the perceived indexing issues. Instead, he found that the site was indexed without the www subdomain. If the www version of the site was explicitly searched for, it wouldn’t show up. However, searching for the domain alone, such as, would reveal that it was indexed.

Mueller’s response serves as a reminder that sometimes the solution to an SEO problem is not immediately apparent and may require a deeper investigation beyond the most obvious causes. By redefining the problem from “the site is not indexed” to “the WWW version of the site is not indexed,” Mueller highlighted the importance of considering different perspectives in troubleshooting SEO issues.

Additionally, Mueller’s response brought attention to the technical fact that the WWW version of a website is a subdomain of the non-WWW version. This underscores the significance of understanding how domain and subdomain configurations can impact indexing and website visibility.

In conclusion, the exchange in the Google Office Hours Q & A serves as a valuable lesson for SEO professionals about the complexity of indexing issues and the importance of thoroughly analyzing potential causes beyond the surface-level factors. Mueller’s insights shed light on the technical nuances of domain and subdomain configurations and the impact they can have on a website’s indexing. Ultimately, the discussion serves as a reminder to approach SEO problem-solving with a thorough and multifaceted perspective in order to uncover the true solutions to indexing challenges.

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