Google pilots new PPC ad format

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Paid social, PPC

Google is currently testing a new PPC ad format, but important details such as the official name, functionality, impact on auction dynamics, and effect on metrics have not been released yet. The lack of transparency regarding this new ad format has led to criticism from advertisers. The new ad format was first noticed by Anthony Higman, CEO of Adsquire, who raised concerns about the lack of information and communication from Google. Higman expressed frustration over the lack of transparency in Google’s recent rollouts of new ad formats, stating that advertisers are left in the dark about how these changes will impact their campaigns. Melissa Mackey, paid search director at Compound Growth Marketing, also criticized the new ad format, calling it “beyond crazy” and a “nightmare” for those who use LSAs.

The absence of clear information on costs and metrics associated with the new ad format makes it challenging for advertisers to monitor and optimize their campaign performance. Google has confirmed that the new ad format is still in the experimental stage, and there is no certainty about its full launch. Advertisers are left wondering about the implications of this new ad format on their campaigns and how it will affect their advertising strategy.

Overall, the lack of transparency surrounding the new PPC ad format has raised concerns among advertisers, who are eager for more information to better understand and prepare for the changes it may bring. As the situation continues to evolve, advertisers will need to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly to navigate the shifting landscape of digital advertising.

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