Google Reviews Update Finished – What To Know

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Digital Marketing, News, SEO

Google recently completed the rollout of their last announced Reviews System update. This update marks the end of the company’s practice of announcing changes to the review system, as future updates will be implemented on an ongoing and regular basis without public announcement.

The Reviews System is a critical component of Google’s search algorithm, affecting the ranking of review-related content and search queries. The goal of the Reviews System is to prioritize high-quality, people-first content. Google has published guidelines to help publishers understand the type of content that the Reviews System aims to rank, emphasizing the importance of insightful analysis, original research, and expertise in the topic.

The recent update to the Reviews System was announced on November 8, 2023, and was fully implemented by December 7, 2023. Google’s Search Status Dashboard confirmed the completion of the rollout, and the Google Search Central account also tweeted about the conclusion of the update.

Leading up to the conclusion of the rollout, there were reports of ranking drops in various Facebook SEO groups. While fluctuations in rankings are common, the widespread reports of drops in these groups garnered attention, especially given the association of some of these groups with unconventional SEO practices.

Looking ahead, Google has indicated that the Reviews System will be continuously improved at a regular pace. While the specifics of these improvements remain unclear, website owners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Google’s guidance on the Reviews System to assess potential impacts on their sites.

In addition to the general guidance on the Reviews System, Google provides several resources for webmasters to better understand and navigate updates and ranking systems. These resources include a Q&A on Google Search updates, a guide to Google’s ranking systems, information about the Reviews System, and guidance on writing high-quality reviews.

Overall, the recent completion of the Reviews System update signifies a shift in Google’s approach to system updates. Moving forward, the company will continue to enhance the Reviews System without public announcements, emphasizing the importance of high-quality, people-first content in search results. Website owners are advised to stay informed and adhere to Google’s guidelines to ensure their content remains well-positioned in search rankings.

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