Google Search adds Organization markup to add name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google, Google Search Console, Google SEO, SEO

Google Search has expanded its support for organizational information within its search results. The Organization markup now includes new fields such as name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers in addition to the original support for logo and URL structured data fields. This update was announced by Irina Tuduce and Alex Jansen, Google Shopping software engineers.

The updated developer documentation for Organization structured data now includes fields for name, alternate name, legal name, description, sameas, address fields, phone, email, number of employees, founding date, DUNS, NAICS, tax ID, and other ID numbers. The existing logo and URL fields are still available, with the logo documentation being merged into the new organization documentation.

Google has stated that this markup can be utilized in search knowledge panels and other visual elements in Google Search, helping searchers find an organization’s details more easily. Additionally, Google has updated the reports within Google Search Console to support validation of the new fields, as well as updating the rich results testing tool for validation of these new structured data fields.

The new Organization structured data aims to help businesses and organizations communicate the proper attributions to Google, ensuring that the correct phone number, address, and other business attributes are displayed in Google Search results. This update provides an opportunity for businesses to optimize their online presence and improve the accuracy of their information in the search results.

With the expanded support for organizational information, businesses are encouraged to leverage the new fields and use the Rich Results Test to validate their organization structured data. This update serves as an opportunity for businesses to enhance their online presence and ensure that their information is accurately displayed to users in Google Search.

Overall, the expansion of support for organizational information in Google Search provides businesses with a valuable opportunity to improve the visibility and accuracy of their information in search results. By taking advantage of the new Organization structured data fields, businesses can enhance their online presence and provide users with accurate and relevant information about their organization.

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