Google SGE impact by industry and emerging features

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Digital Marketing, Google, SEO

The new technology, BrightEdge Generative Parser, has released data indicating that Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is having a significant impact on a variety of industries. Healthcare leads the way with 76% of queries being impacted by SGE. This is surprising considering the type of queries that would typically fall under the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) category. Other industries significantly impacted by SGE include ecommerce, B2B tech, insurance, and education.

The data shows that different industries have been impacted in varying ways, with collapsed being the most common state of SGE being triggered in healthcare queries. The SGE was also triggered frequently in ecommerce, B2B tech, insurance, and education, but the state of opt-in was more commonly triggered in these industries. Finance, on the other hand, only saw SGE being triggered in 17% of queries.

This data is visualized in a breakdown of industries and the impact of SGE. The report indicated that Google’s SGE will impact industries differently, making it important for brands to understand which industries are more likely to be impacted and to start thinking about new and more complex ways to target, influence, and win with searchers in AI-driven experiences.

In addition to the impact on different industries, the report also provided insights into emergent SGE features. These included Places, unordered lists, reviews, and perks, all of which are part of the new AI-driven experiences. Jim Yu, BrightEdge co-founder and executive chairman, noted that SGE is a “fundamental shift” that will impact all companies and their bottom line. He emphasized that marketers will have less of a say in the customer journey, as Google will have the ultimate opinion on the quality and relevancy of brands.

As a result of SGE, searchers may spend more time getting information directly from Google before visiting a website. Brands will need to understand the new “intent” and “conversational” landscape of search to achieve success. For example, an AI-generated answer for a brand like BMW might include details such as pros and cons or critical considerations, impacting the traditional search results that reflect web content.

The report concluded by highlighting the importance of digging deeper into new Google SGE insights. BrightEdge has introduced live SGE update monitoring as part of its resource, The Ultimate Guide to Google SGE, to help brands navigate the evolving landscape of search.

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